Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are we located and where do we offer services?

    Cornerstone Builders Ltd. is housed and managed in our 9,500 square-foot facilities in Belleville, Ontario.  We currently offer our services to preferred clientele across Ontario and Canada.

  2. Where are we licensed to practice?

    Our certified Professional Engineers maintain licenses to practice in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  We have a network of selected sub-consultants capable of Engineering practice in the balance of Canadian Provinces.

  3. Who makes up our qualified staff?

    Our Sales, Engineering, Estimating and Project Management teams contribute to the success of each project.  Meanwhile, our field staff consists of a combination of full-time Equipment Managers, Equipment Operators, Site Superintendents, Carpenters/Skilled Trades and General Labourers, involved in our day-to-day activities.



    • Four Principals, each active in full-time operations
    • Each project we undertake involves the direct participation of at least one of the Principals, remaining involved from design through costing to completion  


    • Our Estimating team will be continuously involved from conceptual design and budgeting, to cost comparison, to purchasing and to final cost tracking
    • Close comparison will be provided to all aspects of purchasing and labour through the construction process, thus providing our team reviews with an ongoing audit of the project performance  


    • In-House Engineering personnel with a library of experience and proven detail
    • Extensive knowledge of Building Codes and applicable laws, good building practice, materials, installation subtleties and process requirements
    • Two Certified Professional Engineers maintaining a license to practice in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta

    Construction Management

    • Project /Construction Managers are responsible for day-to-day project status
    • Each manager provides ongoing client representation, project schedule control, material purchases and project cost control

    Site Management / Field Crews

    • Experienced Field Superintendents to coordinate on-site work 
    • Fully-equipped jobsite trailers, communication equipment and worker amenities
    • Skilled Carpenters, Labourers and valued sub-trades located across Ontario


    • In-house controlling, accounting, and bookkeeping staff
    • Experience in the methodology of project management control, tracking and reporting
    • Reporting provided for team review at intervals requested by our Clients, with fully detailed and supported invoicing prepared monthly
  4. What technologies do we utilize?
    • AutoCAD design and construction document production
    • Microsoft Projects – construction and payment scheduling program
    • In-house plotting, printing and large-format copying capabilities
    • Electronic accounting and communication systems, including multiple-mode telephones, email and facsimile
  5. Are we bondable?

    Yes, for any scale of project.

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